Four tips to optimise your LinkedIn page for better engagement

Updated: Jun 14

Join LinkedIn now - its free! Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash.
Join LinkedIn now - it's free! Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash.

The digital landscape is evolving, but what is certain, social media is here to stay!

Every day, millions of social media posts are published globally. Over the past year, consumers are spending even more time reading online and interacting with these types of content. Therefore, all companies must develop a social media strategy and optimise this marketing function.

As a startup business, resources can be limited, and you may think social media is irrelevant to your company. However, it is essential and, if used well, can provide a good return on investment.

Implementing a simple social media strategy can make a massive difference to your engagement rates and lead generation, even with just one post a week. Social media can also support the company in achieving corporate and marketing goals.

Here are our top tips to help you optimise your organisation’s LinkedIn presence today.

Tip 1: Understand your target audience

The content you publish must be relevant to your target customer. Ask yourself: who is your target audience and what do they want to learn? From opinion pieces to company announcements, new hires and events, tailor the content to your customer needs and interests.

Tip 2: Ensure your company has a LinkedIn page

If your company does not have a LinkedIn page, it’s time to set one up! And if you do have one, you just have to keep it up to date with your company’s latest messaging and branding.

LinkedIn is a crucial platform for all companies to optimise, especially startups, as it gives you a channel to connect with potential prospects and build brand awareness.

Through this platform, you can discover the types of content your competitors are releasing and obtain opportunities for your content strategy. It’s essential to keep the company’s LinkedIn page updated regularly.

We suggest you aim for one post a week and get different departments of your business involved in content creation and ideas… it won’t be long till your content plan starts to form!

Tip 3: Increase engagement

If you are new to this marketing segment, social media can feel overwhelming with the range of information available. However, our essential advice here is that less is more regarding copy.

If you are looking for some easy wins to increase engagement, try out our suggestions for LinkedIn.


Schedule your posts for when the traffic is high on LinkedIn. The best time to post is between 08:00, and 10:00 am, especially on a Tuesday.


Make sure to tag companies and connections in posts if relevant to your content. This step will increase the reach of the post. For example, tag the new person if you are announcing a new hire. If you are talking about a partnership, tag that partner company. This is simple but effective. It’s important the people tagged engage with the post to have a positive effect on LinkedIn’s algorithms.


Include hashtags in your posts to increase the reach. Review the hashtags your competitors include in their posts to inspire and discover trends. Use between 3 and 9 hashtags for optimal results, as posts with less than 3 or more than 10 hashtags have 20-40% less reach.


Notify employees 

By selecting the employee notifications function, you can inform your team when you’ve posted an important update on your company page. This is available in the upper right corner when posting. All employees, who have listed the organisation page in their work experience, will receive a notification.

Internal communication

Encourage your team to comment on the posts by engaging with them directly. Commenting on the post is the most valuable way they can engage with the posts and will lead to 5 times more views (compared to a share). Send a quick message to your internal team each time there's new content and inform them of the update. This could be a simple email or slack message. They must react quickly and engage with the post within the first two hours to optimise the reach.

Tip 4: Analytics

Analytics is something all companies get excited about. A huge benefit to social media is the free data available at your fingertips.

We recommend avoiding vanity metrics such as the number of social media page likes but focusing on the more measurable metrics, such as the number of social media referrals to your website.

By analysing the metrics, your team can set achievable goals and review what content receives engagement and does not. It’s essential to test your campaigns regularly, try different themes and find opportunities to leverage them.


We’re confident your leadership team will be very interested when you bring valuable social media insights to your next meeting.


We've created a LinkedIn Tips infographic. Simply save the image below to have the information available at your fingertips.


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