Healios is a leading digital provider of mental health, autism and ADHD services for children and young people.

With a mission to make families feel better, Healios exists to empower every young person to build the capabilities for long-term mental health, successfully navigate life’s challenges and experience a better quality of life.

The problem 

Healios initially sought extra resources and support in producing a marketing strategy. Most of the commercial team was new in 2021 and had a lot of initial work to do with limited resources. They required marketing foundational support; they needed support to understand where they were in the market and their positioning to develop a strategy. Thus, Carter Consulting helped cement its positioning as a leading clinical service provider.

As we progressed in providing marketing support as a virtual CMO, Healios sought to run paid social and PPC campaigns focused on raising brand awareness for their new service line and target customers. They required our support to help optimise ad performances and maximise results.

Healios lacked a centralised system with all their customer touchpoints. They sought to build seamless customer experiences by integrating their CRM system, Salesforce, with a marketing automation software, HubSpot.

With a small marketing team already in place, Healios required strategic marketing support in several areas, including marketing planning, PPC, paid social media, organic SEO, and marketing automation.

The solution

Using the in-depth marketing experience and expertise of the Carter Consulting team, we acted as an extension of Healios’ marketing team to provide strategic support and guide them through the journey. Working collaboratively with Healios to provide our virtual CMO support, we delivered the following outcomes to achieve their goals:


The audit's purpose was to evaluate Healios's entire business and marketing environment, pinpointing areas of strength and any bottlenecks that inhibit business growth. This allowed us to create a bespoke marketing strategy plan for Healios to achieve its goals.

Acting as Healios’ virtual CMO, we analysed previous and current analytics across all channels, including SEO, social media, content, and events. We established how Healios was positioned compared to its competitors and assessed any gaps within its strategy to identify potential improvements.

The team conducted 50 internal interviews with employees to gather insights on the business, how the brand is perceived internally and externally, the business objectives and how they align with the marketing efforts, target audiences, and value proposition. We worked closely with Healios’ team to conduct buyer persona research to gain a more in-depth understanding of their customer needs. This allowed them to articulate the right messaging that resonates with their target audiences.

The full audit included:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Buyer persona research
  • Internal interviews
  • SWOT and TOWS analysis: marketing and business
  • PESTLE analysis
  • Content marketing: internal and competitor analysis
  • SEO analysis: keyword gaps, backlink gap analysis, technical issues
  • Social media analysis: content output and type, and frequencies
  • Events and awards analysis: previous events attended or hosted and future events
  • KPI’s
You can learn more about the process and results of our marketing audit service.

By streamlining the website content and fundraising processes in line with their marketing, Hand in Hand can communicate more effectively with donors and prospects.

The benefits of marketing automation include time savings, reduced marketing spending, scalability and strengthening the relationship between fundraising and marketing. As a result, prospects visiting the website or engaging with content have a better user experience and more efficient ways of receiving communications.

Marketing strategy

Drawing on the findings from our analyses and interviews across all digital and offline channels, Carter Consulting and the marketing team at Healios created a comprehensive 12-month marketing plan with a quarterly content plan.

The 80-page presentation encompassed a situational analysis assessing Healios's macro and microenvironment, an overview of marketing objectives to achieve their goals, and an evaluation of individual channels, including paid, organic, and word of mouth. We also provided a roadmap with key deliverables and dependencies to make the marketing plan successful.


After conducting the audit of their current organic SEO activity, we developed an action plan that included extensive keyword research, a thorough backlink gap analysis, and technical issues that could affect the site’s performance and rankings. 

The keyword analysis allowed us to see what keywords Healios ranked for and their competitors’ keywords.

We then carried out a backlink gap analysis to analyse their backlink profile, identifying high-quality and low-quality links. We devised a plan to whitelist any good links and add low-quality links to a “remove list.” The low-quality links were then segmented and ready to be removed through Google‘s Disavow tool, reducing the number of low-quality links on the Healios website. 

We also provided a list of actionable technical and on-page SEO issues to increase their overall website site speed and improve performance. This included fixing duplicate page titles, missing H1 headers and meta descriptions, and titles that were either too long or too short. Technical issues included reducing unused JavaScript loading scripts and minimising the impact of third-party code on the website. 


Healios wanted to test a new service in the market by launching a paid social and PPC campaign.

They hadn’t previously carried out any PPC or paid social ads campaigns; therefore, the Carter Consulting team provided insights on keywords, landing pages, recommendations on text, copy and visuals before managing the campaign’s launch with ongoing monitoring and optimisation. 

To offer the most effective marketing solutions for Healios, we conducted several A/B tests to evaluate:

  • Which platform performs the best with the most conversions
  • Which ad objective generates the most conversions
  • Which ad assets and copies appeal the most to their target audience and generate the most conversions
  • Which landing page content performs the best

HubSpot-Salesforce integration

Healios wanted to segment their contact data more effectively with their CRM system. To achieve this and help Healios connect and engage with their customers on a deeper level, we recommended they integrate their CRM system with marketing automation software. 

We helped them implement HubSpot-Salesforce integration, which allowed them to build long-term relationships through nurturing workflows and more effectively align marketing with sales.

The Carter Consulting team ensured accurate field mappings and sync settings to help Healios fully set up on HubSpot before implementing the integration. We worked closely with Healios’ team to provide hands-on support, helping them overcome the complexity of the sync settings. Providing a seamless and comprehensive onboarding experience, we offered weekly training sessions to the Healios team to help them get the most out of HubSpot. By bringing Healios into HubSpot, we helped them build their business for their new service line. We also helped build automated workflows to streamline processes while keeping them involved so they know how to optimise HubSpot for their business.

The results

12-month marketing plan

There were many positives to take from Healios’ 12-month marketing plan. It allowed the company to gain more insight into their:

  • Target audiences: This allowed Healios to better understand its customers, identify their pain points, and explain how its services solve their problems and drive more value. This is key to aligning Healios’ service offerings with customer needs.
  • Competitors: The analysis provided further insight into Healios’ competitors, identifying potential threats and gaps in the market. This helped Healios highlight the differentiating factors that set them apart from competitors and recognise how they can enhance their current strategy.
  • Unique selling point: The marketing plan helped Healios better understand their services' specific benefits, helping them define their unique position in the marketplace and giving them the edge over their competitors.
  • Strategy: The strategy provided a framework for the marketing team to leverage, improving future marketing decisions and enabling them to engage each customer segment more effectively. 

PPC and paid social ads

Through SEO optimisation and ad campaigns, one of Healios’ landing pages became the 4th most popular page, demonstrating high interest and demand from their target audience. In less than a month, we secured a 63% MQL-to-SQL conversion rate for Healios, 50% higher than the industry average, 

Adopting an agile and flexible approach, we switched the ad’s objective from traffic to lead generation ads based on the A/B test results, increasing the conversion rate from 0.09% to 2.25% during the test phase of Healios’ new service line. The test results also enabled Healios to understand their customer demand better. As a result of the campaign, we identified a new client segment with high demand for the new service offering. This opened up a new channel for Healios, which was a potential market opportunity where they could refine their service offerings to suit their clients’ needs better.

“It has been brilliant working with Juliet over the past year and having virtual CMO support. When we first reached out to Juliet, we were experiencing huge growth and limited resources. Working with Carter Consulting meant we could access marketing support quickly and work with a team to develop our marketing strategy. We continued to work with Juliet after the initial project, and this included a paid social and Google campaign as well as the integration of a marketing automation software. Her guidance throughout these projects was extremely valuable. Juliet was always flexible, professional and eager to support.”

Hannah Taylor, Marketing Manager, Healios

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