Hand In Hand International

Hand in Hand International is a member of the Hand in Hand Network, a global NGO group that has worked in 14 countries and counting. Their goal is to eradicate poverty in the communities where they work.

Hand in Hand has helped create 3.2 million micro-enterprises and 4.8 million jobs from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and across the global south. Women, who face the steepest barriers to employment, make up 90 per cent of their members.

The problem 

Hand in Hand engaged Carter Consulting as a virtual CMO to help them communicate more frequently, successfully and in a more tailored way with donors and prospects.

The current marketing process required a significant amount of time and manual intervention from grant managers, fundraisers, and donor marketing managers. Therefore, our goal was to reduce the time and effort required.

Hand in Hand wanted their website content, marketing, and fundraising processes to better align with their marketing processes.

The solution

Having completed a comprehensive audit of Hand In Hand's current processes, software and marketing efforts, we identified the key areas to improve the marketing automation and integration between their CRM and marketing.

Marketing automation platform setup
Hand In Hand International Case Study

We analysed the benefits, limitations and costs of various CRM and marketing automation platform solutions and provided our recommendations to Hand in Hand.

By integrating the website and CRM into their new marketing automation platform, we provided an efficient workflow between these platforms.

We could systematically integrate the website content into their donor marketing efforts. We also advised and gave design suggestions for new subscribers' automated emails and


Optimising the website

We audited the website and suggested improving the user journey and experience. We suggested optimising call-to-action buttons, forms and specific landing pages to achieve this.

We created a branded GDPR-compliant form that was added to the website footer so visitors could subscribe to communications. We also advised the placement of CTAs across the website, improving user navigation and click-throughs. Lastly, we optimised specific landing pages by enhancing the overall style and structure for a better user experience.

Automated marketing communications

To implement a more effective automated marketing communication process, we created an automated sequence on their new automation platform for subscribers to receive relevant communications.

This automated email workflow consisted of three emails designed to engage users at various points of their journey.

The results 

By streamlining the website content and fundraising processes in line with their marketing, Hand in Hand can communicate more effectively with donors and prospects.

The benefits of marketing automation include time savings, reduced marketing spending, scalability, and strengthening the relationship between fundraising and marketing. As a result, prospects visiting the website or engaging with content have a better user experience and more efficient ways of receiving communications.

“Carter Consulting took what could have been a complex process and made it simple. Having audited our marketing procedures they produced a concise series of recommendations and then provided the support needed to turn those recommendations into action. Throughout the process, they were always on hand to offer practical assistance and guidance.”

Ann Dickinson, Direct Marketing, Hand in Hand International

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