The Electric Revolution Skills Hub (ERS Hub) is the electrification skills development accelerator. The digital platform empowers the electrification community, supporting them to develop a dynamic and qualified workforce ready to tackle the challenges ahead. ERS Hub connects individuals, employers, course providers and recruiters, facilitating an effective ecosystem, working together to deliver a shared vision for the future. By giving access to the right information, resources, training and job opportunities, the ERS Hub helps upskill a nation and prepare for the electric revolution. 

The challenge 

The ERS Hub, an exciting newcomer in the electrification industry, approached us for strategic marketing support to establish strong marketing and brand foundations. 

Recognising the importance of a comprehensive roadmap, the ERS Hub sought a 3-year strategic marketing plan. They aimed to gain insights into market dynamics, pinpoint target sectors/segments, identify the most impactful promotional channels, analyse the competitive landscape, and establish attainable, measurable goals. 

Furthermore, the ERS Hub needed our expertise to generate awareness and enhance visibility, with a specific focus on driving confirmed attendees to their highly anticipated inaugural annual conference and platform launch. 

The solution

Carter Consulting collaborated closely with the ERS Hub to develop a 3-year marketing strategy delivered through a PowerPoint presentation of approximately 80 slides. The strategy encompassed a thorough situational analysis, clear objectives, a 3-year plan, innovative marketing tactics, necessary capabilities, and an effective performance measurement framework. Furthermore, Carter Consulting provided in-depth insights into individual campaigns and a 1-year detailed marketing calendar. 

The plan included:
  1. Macro-environment research: Analysing opportunities, market size and growth potential 
  2. Micro-environment research: Conducting interviews with 18 internal/external stakeholders, competitor analysis, developing buyer personas and mapping the customer journey 
  3. Objective planning: Setting sales and marketing objectives 
  4. Strategy: Addressing marketing challenges, identifying focus areas, defining winning aspirations and developing a 3-year plan 
  5. Tactics: Creating content pillars, determining marketing channels and designing campaigns 
  6. Action: Identifying internal capabilities, systems, processes and staffing requirements 
  7. Control: Establishing marketing KPIs and metrics for measurement 

Event support:

For the highly anticipated ERS Hub launch event, Carter Consulting assisted in securing more participants by identifying target attendees, creating email templates and coordinating email outreach through HubSpot. We managed the public relations agency, producing excellent media coverage throughout the UK. Additionally, we handled social media coverage before, during, and after the ERS Hub launch event. 


The results 

By partnering with Carter Consulting, the ERS Hub developed a marketing strategy aligned with business objectives, optimised resource allocation, and facilitated strategic decision-making to drive business growth and success. 

Carter Consulting helped execute a successful launch event, amplifying its reach and impact within the electrification community. 

The management of ERS Hub’s LinkedIn corporate page provided impactful results over the duration of over four months. We enhanced user engagement from April to August 2023 through purposeful content creation and strategic calendar planning. Reports indicate an increase of 58% in post engagement rates due to the quality of content published. Our target audience was twice as likely to click on the content created by Carter Consulting, exponentially boosting brand exposure through reposts, comments and reactions. 

 After delivering results for the ERS Hub, Carter Consulting was entrusted to manage the marketing strategy for an extended 6 months. This collaboration encompassed a range of key areas, including social media, content and email marketing, branding foundations, podcast strategy and management, campaign product launches, and conducting additional customer interviews. 

Through our comprehensive marketing support, Carter Consulting continues to help the ERS Hub establish a robust and influential market presence, drive engagement, expand its network and solidify its position as a leader in the electrification community. 

“When you take a significant project from concept to launch and then through to national scale up as an innovation leader, the vision you have for your project is clear in your mind but not always ready to showcase to the wider world. Juliet and her team have been instrumental in building a well thought out marketing strategy that helped my team bring a proactive and targeted driven approach to launching and scaling the Electric Revolution Skills Hub. The time taken to understand the complexities of the project and the ability to mould that into a user-friendly strategy has accelerated our goals as an organisation.” 

Deepak Farmah, Head of Innovation, Coventry University and Commercial Director, ERS Hub 

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