Carter Consulting creates strategic marketing plans to help your sustainability business grow faster by giving you the insights that matter most.

We can help you develop your brand, enabling you to form the right impression.

In a world where 70% of purchases rely on consumer sentiment and how it makes the customer feel, we believe it is increasingly important to know our customers and how to best cater to their interests, needs and emotions. At Carter Consulting, we work closely with you to understand where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. 


Our approach to crafting a comprehensive marketing plan begins with a thorough situational analysis, which delves into buyer personas, competitor landscapes, and market trends.

From this foundation, we align strategic objectives with branding messaging, ensuring a cohesive and impactful marketing strategy. We create a tactical plan that maximises audience engagement, drives lead generation, and measures success through key performance metrics.


What to expect

The success of your marketing activities depends on a clear, expertise-driven strategy. Every strategy is driven by the goals of our clients, which become our own and are what drive our marketing services.

What to expect-1
1. Preworkshop survey

Our preworkshop survey deeply analyses your target audience's background, challenges and aspirations. Leveraging this insight, we tailor our offerings to meet your unique needs, ensuring we can use them effectively.

2. Discovery marketing workshop

Our discovery marketing workshop examines buyer personas, competitive landscape, and objectives to create an informed and impactful marketing strategy.

3. Situational analysis 

Our situational analysis examines market trends, PESTEL factors, and SWOT analysis to give a comprehensive view. By integrating customer insights, we create a strong, informed marketing strategy.

4. Objectives 

Our objectives-setting section compiles strategic goals, tailors branding messaging, and presents marketing objectives. By aligning branding and marketing with strategic goals, we provide a roadmap for efficient business growth.

5. Strategy

In this section, we define your product or service offerings, pinpoint your target audience, craft marketing strategies to reach them, and map out the geographical focus of your marketing efforts. We also tackle challenges, establish key milestones, and detail activities to achieve your goals.

6. Tactics

Our tactics detail actionable steps for goal achievement, offering a calendar to optimise effectiveness in reaching audiences and enhancing outcomes. Incorporating content pillars, campaigns, and strategic channel selection ensures a comprehensive approach.

7. Action

We recommend utilising technology, optimising resources, and refining processes for effective tactical execution. Our detailed action plan integrates seamlessly with the overarching strategy, ensuring precise objective achievement.

8. Control

We establish criteria for measuring outcomes in the control phase, enabling informed strategy adjustments. Continuous monitoring ensures alignment with objectives and maintains momentum towards marketing goals.

The benefits you should expect

The benefits


It targets and converts your key audience

Through our in-depth research and comprehensive reports on audience insights, we ensure that your products and services are precisely targeted towards the audience most likely to be interested. This strategic approach ensures that the right people notice your offerings, eliminating wasted efforts and maximising impact.

It sets clear objectives and goals

We'll establish a transparent roadmap outlining key performance indicators (KPIs) and objectives tailored to your goals. Through consistent reporting, we'll fine-tune our marketing strategies as needed, optimising your channels and executing planned activities to their fullest potential.

It aligns your team and marketing activities

Partnering with a brand marketing agency opens the door to a broader spectrum of expertise. Beyond the added skills and knowledge, a tailored marketing strategy allows your team to promptly concentrate on delivering impactful results. 

It delivers campaigns and improved ROI

By entrusting your marketing strategy to our experts, you unlock the potential for an enhanced return on investment. The outcome is a measurable return on your marketing endeavours, blending reliability, creativity and cost-effectiveness.

Initial steps:

Discovery meeting (2 hours)
Business and sales objectives
Current marketing activities and marketing goals
SWOT analysis
Competitor analysis
Unique selling proposition

Working on the strategy:

Brand guidelines  
Brand assets  
Messaging house  
Mission, vision and values 
Sales strategy 
Marketing strategy

Some of our clients

Interested in a marketing audit?

Before embarking on a marketing strategy, we can conduct a robust marketing audit allowing us to identify areas for improvement and recommend a tailored plan of action to improve your company’s marketing performance.