Carter Consulting creates strategic and practical marketing plans to help you grow faster by giving you the insights that matter most.

Our strategic marketing approach

Our strategic marketing approach starts with market and customer insights whilst ensuring you have all branding foundations in place. With the right research, we can create a marketing strategy that aligns with what buyers actually want.

We also execute the plan for you, ensuring that we set KPIs and track the performance. However, it doesn't stop there; it is about constantly learning what works and doesn't work and applying those learnings to improve your marketing strategy. ​

Our approach 2
Our approach 2
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What's involved?

Market & customer insights

We provide insights into your business and the broader marketplace via a holistic approach.

We gather intelligence to understand what matters the most to your clients, helping you connect your products/services with your target audience more effectively. 

Market research

Market trends, industry size, PESTEL, SWOT, market size, market opportunities, and competitive analysis.

Customer insights
  • One-to-one customer interviews to gain insights on the pain points and gain creators.
  • Key insights on customer behaviours and brand perception via online surveys. 
brand foundations

Brand foundations

A brand is more than just a name, a logo design or a strapline – it is the DNA of your business and what helps set you apart from others.

Research is vital to ensure we fully understand your audience, business and industry. We take the necessary steps to clarify your vision, strategies, values and goals. We ask the right questions and listen intently to the answers. We then distil these insights and present the findings. 

Brand strategy & positioning
  • Purpose, mission, vision and values
  • Core narrative and critical messaging strapline and elevator pitch, customer benefits and USPs.
Product positioning
  • Value proposition, product USPs, customer benefits, proof points and credentials​
Brand creation
  • Visual identity (logo, imagery, typography, colours, brand guidelines and brand images)​
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Strategic marketing planning

Using our in-depth marketing experience, up-to-date industry knowledge and agile mindset, we examine your company’s environment and review your business objectives to create tailored marketing strategies.

Whether you’re launching a new product or want to re-visit your existing brand, we use a go-to-market approach by leveraging data and creativity to offer a commercial, results-driven strategy. 

Strategy & marketing
gap analysis​​

Understand your current strategy capabilities and what you need to achieve your business goals

Marketing strategy
& planning​​

Create business and marketing strategies to enable you to reach your growth potential


Create a product strategy, market strategy, customer journey, and align sales and marketing (customer profiling, segmentation, pre-qualification and lead follow-up process)

CRM & marketing automation

Create a system that acquires, nurtures, engages and retains your leads​​

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Strategic marketing planning - our approach
Marketing implementation - our apporach

Marketing implementation

Improving the effectiveness of your marketing is often the quickest route to achieving commercial objectives.

We create an actionable plan of strategic marketing activities that reflect your brand and win over new clients time-after-time.

Digital marketing
  • Website design and development​
  • Social media, SEO and content management ​
  • Campaign creation and management
  • Email marketing​
  • PPC and paid social media strategy and management
  • Webinar strategy and management​
  • Video and animation creation ​
Traditional marketing
  • Product & service presentations and brochures ​
  • Investor decks​
  • Case studies​
  • Event management (exhibitions, conferences etc.)
Marketing process
  • CRM and marketing automation management​
  • Lead generation​
  • Lead nurture activities​


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Outcomes and results

Beyond the basics, we can help you understand your marketing performance in considerable detail – what went well, what needs work and whether we can take advantage of any new opportunities. 

We focus on metrics that positively correlate with sales outcomes, using both quantitative and qualitative data to confirm you're on the right track and provide insights on how to optimise your strategies. 

Performance reporting

We make it easy for you to understand marketing effectiveness by creating performance and activity reports customised to your needs. 

Quality vs quantity

We believe it less about playing the numbers game and more about attracting the ideal quantity of the highest quality customers. 

Increase revenue

We help you understand which marketing activities represent the best return on investment and ensure that your budget is allocated to the right channels. 

Conversion attribution

We help you better understand and track real-life conversions, attributing them directly to marketing activities. 

Outcomes and results - our approach

In addition, our internal marketing audit checklist will help ensure your marketing efforts get the maximum return on investment.
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