Emerging technologies in digital marketing

Updated: Jun 14

Digital marketing has advanced in many ways, with key themes spurring growth in this space. Fundamental technological innovations and developments over the years, such as AI and Machine Learning, have facilitated various industries' sudden ascent. Sectors like fintech have surged alongside the rise of such technological breakthroughs. Martech (Marketing Technology) is another sector that has demonstrated phenomenal and almost unparalleled growth in market share and technological innovation.

AI and Personalisation

Artificial Intelligence is a driving force in online and digital marketing efforts. Personalised user experience is a continual trend that has been dramatically impacted by applying AI and machine learning.

Personalisation is not a new trend; however, with the rise of AI technology, digital marketers can deliver relevant and customised content to their existing and prospective customers in ways never seen before.

Advancements in this field allow marketers to learn more about specific demographics and customer bases. AI further helps businesses understand their current and potential customers and allows businesses and marketers to build and solidify customer relationships.

[1]Personalisation and programmatic automation are yet another innovation node on the marketing value-add chain. Effective personalisation incorporates the use of automated engines. The automation process reduces the need for company personnel. By integrating programmatic technology, businesses can benefit from savvy digital marketing professionals and practices incorporating these practices into their marketing efforts.

Typically, AI analyses large datasets and derives business insights from complex data for clients and stakeholders. However, often personalisation methods can be simple yet highly effective within the marketing community. This innovative technology includes tweaking and automating small business elements, like email subject lines and greetings. These customised processes can take various forms; AI personalisation can benefit many marketing services such as content marketing, CRM and advertising.

AI and Personalisation


[2] AI has impacted content marketing significantly. It has allowed businesses to develop a predictive journey and map customer behaviour patterns by identifying and analysing historical use. One such innovative application is Personyze, which enables companies to create dynamic landing pages for each visitor in real-time, using a comprehensive visitor profile from multiple data sources and an array of personalisation tools.

Personalisation through AI allows marketing functions of businesses, and marketing professionals alike, to gain a much more accurate picture of their customers without using more archaic and unreliable methods such as links, calls to actions and what visitors "think".

Text mining is another way in which AI has furthered the advancement of the marketing industry. This innovative new function allows businesses to analyse text and its correlation to user engagement. Text mining is also for SEO and keyword search. There are also some great new applications when it comes to content creation and content editing. Quill is a recent example of an AI-based application that automates syntax correction and correct grammar functionality. Yseop is a fantastic, intelligent automation platform that scales human expertise through natural language generation AI automation. This tool is an excellent example of an AI application, helping businesses streamline, manage resources and drive digital innovation and transformation.

Conclusion and the future of Martech

When assessing the landscape of technological advancement within digital marketing, we can see that fundamental technologies such as AI have accelerated growth, both in simple and complex contexts for the industry. Acquisition activity has been buoyant within the Martech space, especially within the CRM sector. As corporate development increases, the money supply will continue to fuel this highly sought-after marketplace.



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