Our approach

At Carter Consulting, we work collaboratively with our clients to provide them with a tailored experience. Our thorough marketing audit helps you understand where you are in the market, who your ideal customers are and how to reach your objectives. 

With our in-depth marketing experience, up-to-date industry knowledge and agile mindset, we examine your company’s marketing environment and review your business objectives and strategies. This allows us to identify areas of improvement and untapped opportunities to recommend a tailored plan of action to improve your company’s marketing performance.   

We structure our audit with these 3 key steps: 

  1. Pre-audit 
  2. Audit
  3. Final report 

What's involved

The pre-audit

Our first step is to carry out a discovery call with you to understand your business goals and challenges. After the discovery call, we begin collecting and reviewing your marketing materials to obtain a brief overview of your business objectives and strategies. We then create a proposal that best suits your business.

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We will need access to: 
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • CMS/Marketing automation
  • Social media accounts


We will review your: 
  • Brand guidelines  
  • Brand assets  
  • Messaging house  
  • Mission, vision and values 
  • Sales strategy 
  • Marketing strategy

The audit

Most marketing consulting firms conduct market research and general business and market analysis at the audit stage, but we do it differently. At Carter Consulting, we employ a more thorough approach by conducting internal staff and customer interviews to obtain accurate insights into your business and marketing environment. This allows us to compare employees' viewpoints with those of the senior management, identifying misalignments, problems and opportunities.  

We use a multi-channel approach to conduct high-level market research, website, SEO, competitor, social media and general business analyses, and review appropriate offline channels. Leveraging in-depth insights from interviews and market research, we recommend a tailored plan of action to help achieve your business goals and improve marketing performance. 

What to expect in the audit stage:


  • Website user journey analysis  
  • Website traffic analysis 
  • Blog analysis   
  • Keyword gap analysis 
  • Keyword research 
  • Link gap analysis  
  • Google SERP analysis

    Social media analysis

  • Content analysis
  • Social media analysis

Competitor analysis 

  • Competitors content analysis  
  • Competitors social media analysis  
  • Competitors SEO analysis 

    General analysis
  • One-to-one discovery interviews with key staff 
  • SWOT/TOWS analysis
         (marketing and business) 



Marketing audit page visual - audit stage-1


The final audit

At the final audit stage, we will produce an actionable report detailing our key findings from our research and analyses, with recommendations that address your business challenges and help achieve your goals. The report will pinpoint your marketing strengths and any bottlenecks that inhibit your business growth, highlighting areas of improvement and potential opportunities. Our report maximises your success by helping you improve your decision-making to sustain your competitive edge in the industry.  

What to expect in the final audit stage:
  • Audit findings and summary 
  • Gap analysis – an analysis of where you are and where you want to be  
  • Suggestions and improvements across your website, SEO, social media and content

Marketing audit page visual - results


The results 

Ultimately, our comprehensive marketing audit report enables your company to make better-informed decisions based on facts, analysis, and data that will support the overarching goals of your business. 

The report covers everything from business and sales activities to the entire marketing environment of your company. It sheds light on any areas that are performing well, potential improvements and untapped opportunities.  

You’d expect to see a summary of our interview findings (anonymised) and what those mean for your business, a detailed evaluation of your company analysis, branding and design, website audit and digital marketing audit, and a conclusion with an actionable plan of recommendations. We can also provide ongoing support by helping you execute the recommendations to achieve tangible results for your business. 

To find out how we can work with you to generate a comprehensive marketing audit, contact us below.