Penguin Swimming Pools 

Penguin Swimming Pools Ltd is the UKs leading Swimming Pool Design & Construction company. It is based in Oxfordshire and is operating nationwide.

The problem 

Most Penguin Swimming Pools’ leads came from personal networks, word of mouth and referrals. They wanted to reach a new market segment to cement their position within the marketplace, establish online visibility, raise awareness, and generate leads.  

Carter Consulting produced a marketing audit and analysis of current marketing activities. Our focus then shifted to developing strategies that would drive awareness for Penguin Swimming Pools by focusing on PPC, social ads, website optimisation, and SEO, ultimately contributing to lead generation and sales. 

Penguin Swimming Pools aimed to maximise its marketing efforts and improve lead generation on paid search and paid social while keeping the cost per lead at the target level. 

The solution

Carter Consulting worked with Penguin Swimming Pools to implement the following solutions. 

Paid search

To increase the lead generation on paid search, Carter Consulting reorganised its Google Ads account and optimised the account performance. In addition, Carter Consulting helped create highly targeted ads while maximising lead generation with a low cost per lead. 

Paid social  

To achieve the conversions across Facebook and Instagram: more quality leads, sales, and better-converting traffic, Carter Consulting designed and implemented lead generation ads on both platforms by localising core users across platforms through channel experimentation (between Facebook and Instagram), detailed demographic targeting and ad content experimenting.  

Marketing audit 

Carter Consulting worked closely with Penguin Swimming Pools to fully understand where they are, where they want to be and how to get there. We interviewed key staff and conducted a marketing audit, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, USP and buyer persona identification. 

Carter Consulting evaluated all channels across social media marketing, content marketing, lead generation, SEO and branding to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their current marketing activities.  

Penguin Swimming Pools’ wanted to improve the workflow between the marketing and sales departments. Carter Consulting recommended HubSpot as a marketing automation platform to tackle this, helping them with onboarding, data integration, and migration between their existing applications. 

The results 

Increased website traffic  

Website traffic has improved significantly since Penguin Swimming Pools started working with us. In particular, we saw a 3,000% rise in referral traffic and a 1,902% rise in organic traffic. Website bounce rates have also improved by 22% to 53.84%. 

Improved conversions 

We have generated a 98% lead-to-MQL conversion rate, alongside a significant impact on conversions through SEO optimisation, generating a 100% SQL-to-Opportunity conversion rate for leads that came through organic search. 

Revenue generated from paid ads  

A lead generation-based account structure enabled a conversion-oriented allocation of budgets, alongside a structured targeting of audiences built upon purchase intent. This resulted in a 230% increased pipeline value from paid ads in 3 months. 

Achieved a higher click-through rate of 4.43% on Google Search, higher than the benchmark 3.17%  

By experimenting with ad content, Carter Consulting helped Penguin Swimming Pools identify what the user wants and what resonates with them. We achieved an ad click-through rate of 4.43%. 

How Carter Consulting can help you increase inbound leads, social media following and engagement and website traffic. 

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