Discover how we help clients understand people and inspire growth and our approach to market research.

We can help you understand more about the market that you are in and the customers you are currently approaching. 

Carter Consulting provides marketing insights into your business and the broader marketplace via a holistic approach.​

​We gather intelligence to understand what matters the most to your clients, helping you connect your products/services with your target audience more effectively.​


The importance of market research & customer insights:
You should not waste money developing products your target market will not buy. A poor product fit can damage your brand’s reputation and image. Companies can minimise the guesswork involved in making decisions by conducting market research and gaining customer insight. And the most important thing is to blend information (market data) with personal feelings (insights) to create brand messaging that resonates with your target audience.

What we offer

Market research

A strategic market research approach allows you to develop a well-conceived brand or marketing campaign plan. Moreover, well-conducted market research would allow you to understand the target market better and prioritise areas for activity and sectors on which to focus. 

Market research would answer the following key points:

  • The size of the market (how many customers)
  • Where to focus their efforts (which sectors)
  • Market structure in terms of identification of key players and others
  • The competition
  • What messaging to push
  • Trends and outlook for prioritising

At Carter Consulting, we source relevant data from trusted and verified resources, including: 

  • Government statistics
  • Trade publications
  • Trade and Professional Associations
  • International data relating to e-commerce
  • Specific industry portals
  • Forecasts from trend specialists, etc.
Market research
Market research for customer insights
What you should expect from our market research:

When you work with our market research for a digital marketing agency, you can expect a comprehensive analysis of your target market and industry. We will use various research methods:

  • Market background and structure (market trends, industry size, market size, market opportunities)
  • Situational analysis (SWOT & PESTEL)
  • Competitive analysis​
  • Trend and outlooks
  • Recommendations and suggestions

This information will identify key trends, opportunities, and challenges in the market. Additionally, our research will provide insights into customer preferences, behaviours, and pain points, which will be used to inform and optimize your digital marketing strategies.

Overall, our market research will provide you with the information and insights you need to make informed business decisions and develop effective digital marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

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Customer insights

One-to-one interview

The individual interview is a valuable method of gaining insight into people's perceptions, understandings and experiences of a given phenomenon and can contribute to in-depth data collection. The valuable insights will help your company to proceed with crucial marketing decisions while mitigating the risks. 

Customer satisfaction surveys

The purpose of customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys is to find out how satisfied customers are with the products and services provided by an organisation. By conducting customer satisfaction surveys, you can learn what customers need and what challenges they face. 

Creating positive customer experiences is essential to retaining existing customers and gaining new ones in every industry.

Employee surveys

Your employees know your company better than anyone. Carter Consulting interviews your employees to understand potential areas of improvement in marketing and brand positioning. We combine these insights with customer insights and market research to create a robust marketing and brand strategy.

Customer insights
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