The digital landscape is constantly evolving. Content marketing, lead nurturing, search, social and analytics are all continuously changing.

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Carter Consulting emphasises staying up to date on these important trends by providing up-to-date and innovative marketing tools.

Many startups and SMEs typically do not have the time or resources to dedicate to digital marketing. The strength of your business's online presence is vitally important. Successful digital marketing strategies can help potential customer acquisition and ensure your brand is aligned with your target audience.

We will conduct a digital marketing audit to analyse the practices, strategies, and outcomes of how your business has been engaging with its online presence. 

An essential part of a digital marketing audit is understanding where you fit within your marketplace and how you fare against your competitors, which is a key success metric.

Our digital marketing consultancy covers the following key areas:

Email marketing

Increase audience, engagement and sales

Social media

Social media audit, paid and organic campaign strategy, channel choice, measuring results


Increase conversions, page actions, return visits, lead capture, KPI tracking via Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO website audit, keyword competitor analysis, website search engine compliant, SEO copywriting, link building

Content marketing

On message content to raise your profile and drive audience engagement

Paid search

PPC and paid social media strategy and management

Contact us to discuss your business’ digital marketing strategy.