Entrepreneurship is vital for promoting social change, economic growth and innovation.

Data show that if women were setting up and running new businesses at the same rate as men, we would have an extra one million female entrepreneurs in the UK.

Yet women are only half as likely as men to do this.

This demonstrates a sizeable untapped market, spurred by a lack of potential female entrepreneurs.

Carter Consulting is passionate about this cause and therefore aims to contribute to achieving an equilibrium within gender equality.

To further show our commitment to this cause we aim to support the full potential of women who have the entrepreneurial spirit and ambition to start or scale their business.

Over six months, we will commit six full days of free marketing consultancy to an early-stage venture to help address and achieve this important social change.

The marketing consultancy service will be tailored to the businesses needs but could include:

  • Marketing strategy 

  • Customer research

  • Social media

  • Content marketing

  • Website

  • CRM and marketing automation planning


  • An early-stage startup

  • UK, Europe or US-based company

  • At least one female founding member with equal shares

  • Never been a client of Carter Consulting

Applications close 30 September 2022

To apply for your free marketing consultancy, please fill in the questionnaire and we will get in touch if you have been shortlisted.