We take pride in deploying a rigorous approach, providing in-depth knowledge and insight for our clients. 

We are an all-purpose consultancy, providing a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs without the hassle of full-time employment, on-boarding and training.

Having worked across a number of verticals and clients, Carter Consultancy offers a synergy of adaptability and expertise, with no compromise when achieving its clients’ goals.

Fresh perspective

When you’re entrenched in your business and concerned with its day-to-day operations, it’s challenging to see how the external market perceives your business. Your brand might make sense to you; after all, you live and breathe it. But do people outside your business fully understand and know what you are offering?

We help our clients view their business in a new light. We provide a fresh perspective, innovative ideas and valuable insights to help drive creative marketing approaches and strategies.

Save time

Many entrepreneurs have limited time and resources.

Carter Consulting handles all its clients’ requirements, allowing businesses to focus on other core aspects, enabling wider bandwidth for its clients.

We take pride in testing and optimising our clients' marketing strategies, allowing them to manage their time more purposefully.


Flexibility and agility are critical to any successful startup or SME. Working with a marketing consultant makes your marketing as dynamic as your business.

With the option to tailor your requirements on an ad-hoc basis, clients can scale up or down the level of marketing they need, subject to their stage of growth, allowing a level of flexibility that would otherwise be difficult to achieve in-house.

Cost effective

Many startups and SMEs have a tight budget and want to deploy strategies to maximise their return on investment.

You can gain access to an entire team of marketing experts - typically at a lower cost than hiring full-time employees. Plus, it saves the cost of ongoing professional development and the latest tools and technology.

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