As a startup, there are several options to choose from when deciding how to market and grow your business. Here are the approaches that you may choose to use to achieve growth and prosperity for your business.

Start-up marketing strategy
Currently, your traditional options are:
Hiring in-house

This can be expensive, time consuming, and confusing, especially for businesses that do not have the existing staff to train and interview prospective employees.

Hiring an agency

Agencies are typically large organisations with lots of staff. Whilst this might seem like an advantage, you may find yourself dealing with many different people who may not share the company’s vision and ultimately may not put your business first.

Hiring multiple freelancers or consultants

Sourcing and managing freelancers can be challenging and often time-consuming.

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Our unique approach

We have created a consultancy model that puts you, the client, first. Our unique approach moves away from the traditional approach of marketing consultants, which we believe may not be suitable or sustainable for startups.

We understand that for startup’s it is more important than ever to have a solid marketing foundation in place. However, we also understand that the budget might be restricted and as a time-poor CEO, you may not have the resources or experience needed to manage a marketing professional. Our lean marketing approach provides robust marketing assistance at a sustainable cost.

Our method puts the client first, keeps costs down, and provides a lean marketing approach.

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What we offer

As your virtual CMO, we source, hire and manage a junior marketing professional to help with all your marketing needs. We provide a junior marketer that is a great fit for your company and demonstrates excellent marketing knowledge and experience. 

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How we do it

We are focused on building the foundation of marketing for our clients

1. An exploratory meeting to discuss if this approach suits your business needs.

2. We search for the best junior marketing professionals to meet your marketing requirements.

3. We find candidates who are passionate about helping startup companies and keen to learn and thrive in a startup environment.

4. We manage and mentor them.

5. We train them to a high standard and to a level where they can confidently pursue the role themselves.

6. We either continue with this approach, acting as your virtual CMO, or the marketing junior will take on the role permanently, subject to the client’s preference.

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To learn more about our lean, sustainable marketing initiative and to discuss how this approach can help your startup grow, contact us today.