Finlight is an end-to-end, highly secure portfolio consolidation software that streamlines portfolio data integration to extract, maintain and aggregate all asset data across one platform. 

The problem 

Carter Consulting was engaged by Finlight as a virtual CMO to oversee the marketing function.

To meet Finlight's requirements, we also leveraged Carter Consulting's start-up marketing initiative by hiring a marketing intern to meet the clients' marketing objectives. 

Our goal was to generate new inbound qualified leads for Finlight, with the primary objective to help drive growth within the business.

Having identified key areas to work on, we emphasised the need to optimise inbound marketing strategies as a core foundation for strong growth and success within the business as a whole.

The solution

Carter Consulting worked with Finlight to implement the following solutions:

Emphasis on lead generation

Having developed the company's marketing strategy and placing specific emphasis on lead generation, we have improved its overall position and targeted its customer base more effectively. 

Improve the Finlight website

As part of redesigning the Finlight website, we changed the messaging to reflect a consistent brand profile. We also added data capture forms and a chatbot to improve the overall user experience and ultimately increase inbound leads.


Our SEO approach utilises the best tools to maximise traction and ultimately conversions for Finlight. By implementing a keyword-focused SEO strategy, we have increased traffic and reduced the bounce rate on the website. 


Carter Consulting created engaging blog content targeted at the
financial sector, which has contributed to the success of the
company's inbound strategy. This process has been effective due
to the foundation being set through our primary marketing strategy,
allowing Finlight to generate more leads through several
complementary marketing processes that have compounded positive
results for Finlight and its clients over time. 

Social media

Since Finlight's is a B2B company, we focused primarily on LinkedIn
by creating a robust content strategy and leveraging the platform
for lead generation. 

The results 

The results of our partnership helped Finlight generate inbound marketing qualified leads, keep bounce rates low, increased website traffic, and increased social media following and engagement of posts.

Generate inbound marketing qualified leads

By optimising LinkedIn and their website chatbot, we have generated high-quality inbound leads. We have managed to gain a 675% increase in the number of MQL's for Finlight, of which 21% became associated deals. 

Keep bounce rates low 

Since working with Carter Consulting Finlight's bounce rate has reduced by 17%. We have made constant improvements within this period where the bounce rate has decreased to reach the target rate of 50%.

Increased website traffic

We saw a 101% rise in direct traffic and a 37.5% rise in referral traffic between May 2020 and March 2021. Further to this, the number of sessions increased by 82.6% during this period from Dec 2020 to March 2021. 

Increased social media following and engagement of posts

Carter Consulting's marketing approach has seen a consistent rise in social media traction since the implementation of the strategy. For example, LinkedIn followers have increased by 120%, accounting for record highs for Finlight social media engagement.

There has been a month on month highlights for 2021; for example, from February to March 2021, we saw a 405% increase in the Finlight Twitter account.

“Working with Juliet Carter has helped us increase our visibility significantly and become the go to destination for portfolio consolidation for family offices institutional investors. We are delighted with the increase in leads generated since working with Juliet. We are also thrilled with the increased social media following and engagement, notably the 120% increase in LinkedIn followers. More recently, we have seen an 82% increase in website traffic as well. Juliet is very dedicated and take things at heart. She really aligns herself with the business and remains uber professional in all circumstances. Juliet always provided me with well-thought answers to all my incessant questions”

JB Tanqueray, Co-founder and CEO, Finlight

How Carter Consulting can help you increase inbound leads, social media following and engagement and website traffic. 

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